So at work yesterday we only had pink spoons to hand out for the frozen yogurt and every male asked if we had a different color spoon because they did not like pink and it’s femininity and lemme tell u that this proves boys are weak and a fuckjng pink spoon proved that

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"I loved a man who could never love me back. I was living in a fairytale."
Big Fish (2003) dir. Tim Burton 

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Good morning from a very rainy day in Boston…… feeling super sleepy and happy

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dude is a gender neutral term if you think differently you are wrong




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you know that one album that youve listened to so many times and youd defend it with your life and you can anticipate every single little note that comes after the other and you can sing along to every word and it just has a special place in your heart that no other album can fill

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That’s it. I’ve said my goodbyes, kissed people I probably shouldn’t have and made some great but bad choices this summer. Its time for me to start something new at university.

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I’m in this weird stage where I don’t really like myself, but I don’t really care anymore

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no really i need to know

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ferguson rly teaches a lesson in the lengths police will go to protect each other and white supremacy. they’d rather do all this than arrest one man. 

because he is a cop, and he’s white.

they ‘have each other’s backs’ so doggedly and determinedly that they would sacrifice a town of black people for one white cop

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Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way. Matthew Fisher on Tamed by Emma Chase (via suspend)
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